the creative energy organisation

Introducing a new concept that fits with the social and economic    challenges we face

 Nowadays, every type of science interacts with another. Apparent laymen from one field are spreading their ideas and inspiration onto the other. Hawking studies the laws of time and space and arrives at theses which, not so long ago, were rooted in the realms of fantasy novels. The creators of the string theory are opening the perspective towards a multi-dimensional world image. And the Dalai Lama is writing intriguing books in which he connects quantum physics to the centuries-old insights within his convictions of faith. These are just a few examples of the trend towards the openness between the different areas of specialisation that are creating new insights into human nature and its world. This includes the laws that determine and drive our evolution.



It is precisely because of this cross-disciplinary thinking that the thesis concerning creative energy has also come into being. Whether the Economic Revolution is of a sociological, economic,metaphysical, psychological, ethical, spiritual, mathematical or other nature, remains to be seen. It has simply evolved out of a genuine attempt to give a large number of available facts a more meaningful interpretation. Or, at least, one which is specifically relevant to the era we are now entering.

All of the discoveries concerning creative energy we have presented in this book, have been tried and tested in the business world. Creative energy has proven to be a tangible source of vigour, which companies and organisations can tap into in order to be successful in a sustainable and value-added way. It fits with the evolving mindset and the social and economic challenges we face.

“All of the discoveries concerning creative energy we have presented in this book, which initially conjure up images of advanced mental gymnastics, have been tried and tested in the business world.”

Explore with us, new concepts, about the dynamics of creativity, of living and working together and help to shape what is just around the corner. Join us in the pursuit of new insights, which can make tomorrow’s society and economy evolve in an optimal way, successful for everyone, without taboos and applying straightforward and pragmatic thinking. Ultimately, you will be one of those who gathers inspiration from around you and delivers results to the world.

Good luck / Art Kristeven